FAQs about my profile :

How do I request a new password?

On the identification page, click on “lost your password ?” link that will redirect you to resetting process. You will be needed to provide your email address and the rest of the process will be done explain on the email.

How do I modify my personal details?

If you want to modify your personal details like your title, name and/or date of birth, just let us know by e-mail and attach your proof of identity

How do I unsubscribe from Rewards Pavilion newsletters?

You can unsubscribe from the Rewards Pavilion newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. And you can also unsubscribe from the newsletters via your Rewards Pavilion space.

How do I cancel my Rewards Pavilion membership?

If you decide to cancel your Rewards Pavilion membership, we’ll be sad to see you go. To cancel your Rewards Pavilion membership, please e-mail us with your request. Your Rewards Pavilion membership will end on the date of the request. From this date on, you’ll have 6 months to use your remaining Miles or loyalty points.

Is it safe to use my credit card online ?

On the Reward Pavilion Shop you can pay with VISA, MasterCard. We use 3-D Secure Services (i.e., Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode) from our Wirecard payment gateway to process your online payment. For millions of people around the world, 3-D Secure is the way to pay – trusted and secure.

How my personal information will be treated ?

Your personal information are treated very seriously here at Rewards Pavilion and we respect your privacy as much as possible. Our customers’ information are kept secret and we will maintain this privacy policy as much as possible.

FAQs about Shipping/Orders:

How does Rewards Pavilion ordering works ?

As you browse through the Reward Pavilion Shop, you can view your preferred rewards with or without the intention of buying them. Rewards displayed on the Reward Shop depend on the delivery destination selected. For visitors, the default delivery destination is UAE; please login to see rewards offered in your delivery country. After you have added your rewards to the Basket, click on the Checkout button to adjust quantities, to select your preferred Miles-Plus-Cash combination or to delete unwanted rewards. After finalizing the payment details, click the Buy now button to submit your order.
You will receive an order confirmation by email immediately after placing the order
Review the contents of your order and make sure your delivery address is complete and correct
Immediately inform the Reward Merchant delivering your reward in case of any discrepancies
Follow-up the status of your order under Your Transactions in the Your World category
For all questions related to the delivery of your reward order, please contact the Reward Merchant

What is the shipping policy for my order ?

Your order are processed within 24 hour – in other case we will inform you by email. After shipment is processed, you will be provided an order and shipping email containing tracking details for your shipment. You are able to follow your order from dispatch to delivery.

Can I cancel or return a reward order ?

Yes you can cancel your reward order within 40 days and un-open package. Customer are responsible for the return shipping cost.

Can I gift reward to third parties who are NOT Rewards Pavilion members ?

Yes, gifts to non Rewards Pavilion members are permitted as the desired shipping and delivery address can be different from the address registered with your Reward Pavilion account. Please note, however, that certain delivery restrictions may apply to the designated shipping address which may not apply to the address of your Reward Pavilion account. If so, you will automatically be advised accordingly.

In what currencies can I pay my rewards ?

Your rewards can be earned with miles, experience point and loyalty point as well as cash. Our platform allows many means of payment combined

Where do I find all applicable terms of reward orders ?

Please find the Rewards Pavilion Programme Terms & Conditions in the left navigation under Rewards Pavilion Info. For partner-specific terms, please refer to the respective Merchant Details page. For every specific reward, additional terms may be displayed under Additional Information on the Reward Detail page.

What are my responsibilities during the shipping process ?

As a customer, your only responsibility is be present or able to get your parcel when it is delivered. Your are responsible for the receipt of your reward.

FAQs about the Mileage system :

How does the Mileage system work in Reward Pavilion ?

How do I combine my redeem points and miles altogether ?

How many type of miles and redeem points can I combine ?

If you didn’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us at : support@rewardspavilion.com